JAN 8, 2019 – Charleston, SC brokerage adopts APC for the agents to help buyers, sellers, and investors better understand pricing. The agents in the office believe in the tool that helps them more efficiently price homes for their clients and make more profits in less time. Office listings sold 19.3% faster, 26.8% closer to list price with fewer price changes, and at a 33.7% lower failure rate compared to their competitors. This new visual and interactive tool creates a huge advantage for agents and their clients.

One of the most important tasks as a real estate agent is to price a home correctly by providing evidence with accurate and current data to support the home valuation. The APC Pricing Tool was developed by real estate agents to combine the advantages of various pricing methods and create a simple tool using real-time data that is extremely Accurate, Powerful, and Current for today’s real estate industry. The analytics for seasonality, market conditions, and property adjustments for specific property features are provided numerically and as a visual display to help agents convey pricing to their clients. The analytics also help to explain market trends and then calculate a suggested list price, projected number of days on the market, and a probability of sale.

The development of this innovative pricing tool quickly caught the eye of agents in a Charleston, SC real estate firm. The office fully integrated the APC Pricing Tool in January 2018 to enable access for all of its agents. The results of the first year of use reflect the ability of the tool to help agents price more accurately and convey value to their clients. The numbers are superior across the board. The knowledge of agents combined with the APC data and analytics drive the tool to accurately price homes in a matter of minutes, without an agent ever having to use a calculator… click here to read full article.

About APC Data Analytics, LLC

APC Data Analytics, LLC is a consulting and technology services firm specializing in big data analytics, data warehousing, business intelligence, and predictive analytics for complex decisions. We also create specialized software systems to identify, examine and interpret data sets to discover meaningful conclusions about the information they contain. With APC Data Analytics, the highest level of accuracy and range of capability is possible because we collect the data directly from the most reliable local, state, and national sources to allow clients to create custom real estate software.

APC Data Analytics, LLC is headquartered in Charleston, SC and is socially conscious and an equal opportunity employer. For additional information about APC Data Analytics, LLC, please visit www.apcdata.net or contact Jamie Lee Derrickson at 843.580.8205 or info@apcdata.net.