APC Residential Pricing, Investment & Analytics Tool (APC-RI).

The APC Residential Pricing, Investment & Analytics Tool enables licensed real estate agents to quickly and accurately estimate the market value of a home.

The APC-RI Property Value Analysis is an interactive, visual, and user-friendly tool that uses real-time data to compute value and market analysis using comparable properties directly from your local MLS.

The APC-RI Investment Analysis assesses and identifies potential short- and long-term investment opportunities based on current and projected conditions.

Whether listing for a seller, making an offer for a buyer, working with a tenant or landlord, assessing an investment opportunity, renovating a home, or simply to gain a better understanding of the current real estate market, the APC-RI Property Analysis Suite makes you the pricing expert in your area.

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Data Rabbit API.

Data Rabbit API specializes in keeping your data accurate, available, and current in a powerful, single, consistent RESO Web API. All MLS and MLS-like data sources can be imported and converted including RESO API’s, API’s, Soap, XML, ListHub® and RETS. Multiple MLS API’s and MLS data sources can be overwhelming. Wouldn’t it be nice to access just one API that provides Listings, Office, Open Houses, Media, Agent, Pictures and Geocoding all in one place?

Turn raw data into powerful, searchable data with MLS and ListHub® attributes mapped according to RESO standards.

Discover new markets and profits using your data, shaped the way you need it, to perform AI across multiple data sources.
Maximize search capability by importing all data fields provided by the data source.
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