January 26, 2018 – APC Data Analytics, LLC Executive VP, CTO and Founding Partner Noah T. Leask, led the MBA programs Executive Forum session Friday at the College of Charleston. Noah is an award-winning, 25-year technology veteran with expertise in secure software engineering (DevOps), cyber operations and payload development and deployment, virtualization, cloud security and telecommunications, Mr. Leask designs the APC applications roadmaps, leads APC’s project teams, and works closely with customers and partners.

About APC Data Analytics, LLC
APC Data Analytics, LLC is a consulting and technology services firm specializing in big data analytics, data warehousing, business intelligence, and predictive analytics for complex decisions. We create specialized software systems to identify, examine and interpret data sets to discover meaningful conclusions about the information they contain. With APC Data Analytics, the highest level of accuracy is possible while collecting data directly from the most reliable local, state, and national sources to compute solutions using unparalleled algorithms. APC was created to enable licensed real estate agents to accurately estimate the market value of a specific subject property in an interactive, visual and user-friendly way. This value is computed by analyzing data derived from the comparable sold properties in relation to the subject property by using Accurate, Powerful and Current calculations. The analyzed data includes pertinent information gathered for the highest level of accuracy to create a comparative assessment. The product results in a clear and concise graph so that the produced information is visual and easy to understand.

APC Data Analytics, LLC is headquartered in Charleston, SC and is socially conscious and an equal opportunity employer. For additional information about APC Data Analytics, LLC, please visit www.apcdata.net or contact Jamie Derrickson at 843.834.3418 or jamie@apcdata.net.