APR 29, 2019 – During a time of tremendous growth and expansion, it is with great excitement that we announce that fellow founder and partner, Noah T. Leask, has agreed to lead APC Data Analytics (APC) as our President and CEO. Mr. Leask is an award-winning businessman, technologist, and philanthropist who is uniquely suited to take tech companies from concept to perennial multi-million-dollar companies and has a long, successful history doing just that.

Mr. Leask has been the CTO since APC’s inception in early 2017. He personally took the APC product from a local proof of concept to full nationwide product capabilities. Furthermore, he led the acquisition and integration of a critical data asset that provided over 5700% growth in 2018. He has also designed and is developing a suite of automated analytics tools being refined for use in the $215T real estate market later in 2019.

“Here at APC we have but one focus – the agent. We are working hard every day to earn the right to be their trusted agents for data and analytics. The agents and their industry are under attack by large companies who believe realtors are no longer required. We don’t believe that rather, we seek to empower the agents with their data instead of keeping it from them”, said Noah T. Leask, President and CEO. “APC, our real estate pricing tool, is rapidly becoming the pricing tool of choice for agents and brokers. Our real-time pricing numbers are on point beating Zillow and CMAs consistently and significantly! APC simplifies and improves the current real estate pricing model exceptionally by adding more real-time comparables with which to price, giving you more accuracy. Even if agents just need to create a CMA based on real useful data, it takes only seconds. I am humbled to assume the leadership role to help agents and brokers be more successful in this challenging and rapidly changing technology space.”

“Noah has been here since the beginning and he clearly understands the challenges we face as agents. He’s a perfect fit to lead the team as our company and user base continues to grow. It’s an exciting time for us”, Anton Roeger IV Chairman said.

About APC Data Analytics, LLC

APC Data Analytics, LLC is the agent’s trusted agent for data and data analytics. We are a consulting and technology services firm specializing in real estate big data analytics, data warehousing, business intelligence, and predictive analytics. We create specialized software systems to identify, examine and interpret data sets to discover meaningful conclusions about the information they contain. With APC Data Analytics, the highest level of accuracy is possible while collecting real-time data directly from the most reliable local, state, and national sources to compute solutions using unparalleled algorithms.

APC Data Analytics, LLC is headquartered in Charleston, SC and is socially conscious and an equal opportunity employer. For additional information about APC Data Analytics, LLC, please visit www.apcdata.net or contact Amy Potts at info@apcdata.net.