APR 22, 2020 – APC Data Analytics, LLC (APC) and Intermountain MLS (IMLS) have partnered to provide their 7000 MLS members the most revolutionary CMA tool available for agents today, APC Residential Pricing & Analytics Tool (aka, APC-R). The scheduled launch is Monday, April 27, 2020 at 0900AM MST / 1100AM EST.   As a SaaS platform, APC-R has experienced 3x above-the-industry-average for new software utilization (rate) in the 20+ MLS datasets APC-R is currently active on. APC plans to continue that success with IMLS, our first MLS integration.

APC-R is designed, engineered, and built on RESO standards and is a simple “snap-in” solution for any MLS. APC’s partnership with IMLS has provided APC-R the opportunity to fully integrate into Corelogic’s® Clareity Single Sign-On Dashboard® and Black Knight’s® award-winning Paragaon® MLS Platform.

“IMLS first saw APC Data Analytics (APC) at RESO in 2018. Since then, IMLS has monitored APC closely as they worked diligently to build and perfect a great CMA solution, the APC Residential Pricing & Analytics Tool (APC-R). APC-R will bring tremendous value to our membership as an affordable pricing and analytics tool. APC-R is built on RESO standards and is fully integrated into IMLS. At IMLS, our goal is to provide our membership with the most innovative and best in-class solutions available,” said Glenn Christoph, IMLS CEO.

“We feel blessed to have this opportunity to partner with IMLS to provide their members this cutting-edge tool, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic. Our software not only helps agents’ price accurately, but it also helps them to better understand what is happening in their market(s). It’s amazing what you can learn from data and the analytics within the data,” said Noah Thomas Leask, APC President and CEO. “IMLS has been innovative from the beginning. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with IMLS, and the same can be said about the Clareity® and Paragon® teams. As for my team, I could not be prouder. They stepped up and delivered a home run! We are excited to finally show the world what we have been talking about all this time.”

About Intermountain MLS

Since 1979, IMLS has provided members with leading-edge technology for listing and selling real estate. Intermountain MLS supports close to 7,000 REALTORS® and appraisers in Idaho, Eastern Oregon, and Eastern Washington, providing participating real estate brokers and agents with the tools and services to help their business grow and flourish. With robust training opportunities and access to products like Paragon, CRS Data, Homesnap, and more, IMLS provides its members with a complete package. In 2019, Intermountain MLS facilitated more than 27,500 real estate transactions. Located in Boise, Idaho, IMLS is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Boise Regional REALTORS®

About APC Residential Pricing & Analytics Tool

The APC Residential Pricing & Analytics Tool enables licensed real estate agents to quickly and accurately estimate the market value of a home like never before! This fast, easy, interactive, visual, multilingual, multicurrency, and user-friendly tool uses real-time data to compute a residential property’s value and analytics using comparable properties directly from your local MLS. The Accurate, Powerful and Current calculations result in a clear and concise market analysis that is easy to convey to clients making it easy to be the pricing expert in any situation. Developed by agents, for agents.

About APC Data Analytics, LLC

APC Data Analytics, LLC is not your typical modern-day startup. We are real estate professionals who are passionate about making a difference in today’s real estate software landscape. We are not your typical vendor. We are focused on the success of the agents, brokers, and MLS Associations. When they are happy, we are happy. We are an agent led and data driven company founded by three partners: two Realtors® and a technology geek. We operate a sound company founded on serving the client first. That is reflected in our rapid growth. We enjoy a great deal of success because we are here for one thing and that’s to be the agent’s, broker’s and MLS’ trusted agent for software, data, and data analytics.

APC Data Analytics, LLC is headquartered in Charleston, SC and is socially conscious and an equal opportunity employer. For additional information about APC Data Analytics, LLC, please visit www.apcdata.net or contact Amy Potts at info@apcdata.net.