To be the agent’s, broker’s, and MLS Association’s trusted agent for data and data analytics.

We are a small but highly capable group devoted to delivering on our mission and working to make the agent successful.

With APC Data Analytics, agents are confident they are getting the highest level of accuracy possible. We collect data directly from the most reliable local, state, and national sources to compute an estimated market value using an unparalleled algorithm

We are not your typical modern-day startup. We are real estate professionals who are passionate about making a difference in today’s real estate software landscape.

We are not your typical vendor. We are focused on the success of the agents, brokers, and MLS Associations. When they are happy, we are happy.

We are an agent led and data driven company founded by three partners: two Realtors® and a technology geek. With a small team of only eight talented people, we are now providing services to APC users on 21 MLS datasets and growing. We operate a sound company founded on serving the client first. That is reflected in our rapid growth.

We enjoy a great deal of success because we are here for one thing and that’s to be the agent’s, broker’s and MLS’ trusted agent for software, data, and data analytics.