APC Residential Pricing & Analytics Tool is the leader in real estate home pricing. This unique innovative tool uses real time MLS data to help agents accurately price a home, ensuring their clients get the best deal. Home Pricing made Fast, Easy, Visual, Interactive, Mobile, Multilingual, and Multicurrency, including Rental.

The APC Residential Pricing, Investment & Analytics Tool assesses potential investment opportunities by collecting information and analyzing the data within current and projected conditions. This process focuses on the increases and decreases in the value of the investment while analyzing Cash Flow, Rate of Return, Tax Benefit, Principal Paydown, Appreciation, Equity, and more. These assessments assist with identifying potential short-term and long-term investment opportunities.

RETS Rabbit API specializes in keeping your data accurate, available, and current in a powerful, single, consistent RESO Web API. All MLS and MLS-like data sources can be imported and converted including RESO APIs, APIs, Soap, XML, ListHub®, and RETS.


APC Data Analytics, LLC (APC) is a world-class international software and analytics company founded in 2016 in historic Charleston, SC. APC supports the global Real Estate Industry by providing custom software, analytics tools, mobile application development, data conversion, data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) services for our client’s vital missions. We aim to increase knowledge, speed, agility, profitability, and the likelihood of success.